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Unique One Story Home Plans Offer Exquisite Style


If you donít want to have the same home has numerous   families in a neighborhood, consider building a unique one story house plan. Custom home designers will work with you to create a design that canít be found anywhere else. Unique one story homes are inspired by the homeowners by incorporating their wants and needs with their personal flare into a design that they will adore. You wonít have to sort through thousands of stock designs that countless others have decided on. Instead, youíre given an exclusive house that will match your style and give you everything you want that nobody else has.


Unique Single Family Homes Stand Out from Other Houses


When driving along in a neighborhood you will often find the same house dotted around. If you want to avoid having a uniformed looking, consider deciding to produce a unique home plan that will give you the chance to stand out from your neighbors and give you a home with an original shape and style. Custom unique one story house plans donít have to follow the common characteristics that you will often find with contemporary or traditional single story floor plans. Instead, you will opt to look outside the box to create your own architectural style.


Single story home plans can be described as having elements that are daring and has an immediate difference in look from surrounding one story houses. Combining different architectural designs together and taking features you enjoy from various styles while leaving out elements you donít particularly like will not only give you a true custom home plan that fits exactly with your personal preferences, but youíre given a chance to create a home you wonít find duplicated elsewhere.


Unique Home Plans Feature Creative and Inventive Elements


Without the limits that other home plans require, unique one story floor plans give you the ability to add a quirky or playful touch to both the exterior and interior. Working with an architect will give you the chance to be as imaginative and artistic as you want to create a home that will stand out from others, yet creates an interior atmosphere that balances every room together. While many people enjoy open floor designs, unique home plans can combine open spaces with rooms that give you more privacy for times you arenít entertaining.


Custom unique houses that are designed by an experienced architect will give you the chance to look at every aspect of the house and make decisions on what you want instead of what a designer chose for a pre-made design. One-of-a-kind features with elements that combine different home designs together will give you an end result that perfectly fits with your exclusive style. Impressive roof designs original floor layouts are just a couple of factors that often distinguish a unique single family home from the standard plans.


Unique single story house plans present you with the opportunity to bring old world charm with modern day living. You can decide on the materials your home is built with as well as what your flooring, cabinets, or walls are made from. Going green is easy with unique homes by working with an architect to ensure the home is built with recycled and nontoxic materials. Even though youíre using relatively new techniques, you can still create a home that provides the exact look you want to achieve.


Preston Wood and Associates is a member of the "American Institute of Building Design" or "AIBD". The "AIBD" is a national organization with chapters in every major city including Oyster Bay, New York, Bakersfield, California, Riverside, California, Stockton, California, Buffalo, New York, St. Paul, Minnesota, Anchorage, Alaska, Lexington-Fayette, Kentucky, St. Petersburg, Florida, Glendale, Arizona.

This article was published on Monday 20 October, 2008.

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