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Two Story Homes Give Homeowners Plenty of Options

Two story house plans are enjoyed by families of any size. However, you wonít only find two story houses in the suburbs. Many people are deciding to build new homes within city limits that are ranging in size from small affordable houses to luxury home plans. Pricing can also be a surprise to some. Two story home plans can be cheaper to construct than one story home plans when compared by square foot. Custom two story home designs are found in various prices since homeowners are able to have more of an input on what characteristics they want their home to display. 

More Spacious Common Living Areas are found in Two Story Houses

You can easily create a two story home plan on a smaller plot of land without losing the interior space you want. Since youíre building on more than one level, you donít have to find a piece of land that is large enough to handle each room to be spread out on one layer. Instead of having the rooms stretch out on a single level, two story houses give you the chance to place some rooms upstairs.  

The most common trait two story floor plans have in common is to have bedrooms located on the upper floor. This creates a larger area on the first floor for entertaining guests and to accommodate regular living activities. Many floor plans will bring the master suite to the lower floor for various reasons. One benefit of doing this is that older adults are able to access their room easier than if it were located upstairs. Plus, older children and adults may enjoy the division of bedrooms so everyone has a better sense of privacy. 

If you are interested in a certain residential style, you can usually incorporate it into a two story house plan. Custom home builders are experienced to listen to your wants and needs so they can design your two story dream home. Designing a new two story floor plan can easily integrate various features from different home styles. Custom home designers will help you decide which qualities work best with others and will blend nicely together. 

Two Story Homes can be Built Cheaper than Single Level Floor Plans 

One great advantage to building a two story house is that it can be cheaper to construct than one story homes. This is because the materials for the upper floor are less expensive than those that are used for ground floors. Two story houses donít need as much cement for the foundation, materials for the roof, or land to be excavated. When comparing prices to one story homes, the cost per square foot is less with two story buildings.

Two story houses have several reasons for why people all across the country are choosing them over single story houses. Since they donít have to take up as much land, two story homes can be enjoyed within inner city limits. For those that want to stretch their dollar, spending less money per square foot may be the deciding factor. Building a custom two story home allows you to place each room strategically so that it fits your lifestyle; whether itís for entertaining guests or to have an intimate setting for family.

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