Stock Options

The most convenient and least expensive way of moving into a new home is to invest in one of our stock home plans.  Because each of these plans was originally a custom plan that was stored in our stock database for resale to future clients, none of our plans are generic.  They all began as something unique, and they all offer something unique.  Preston Wood has an appreciation for all types of house plan styles, therefore we have house plans ranging a wide spectrum of styles.

At the same time, it is much easier to buy a stock home plan because it takes anywhere from 6-8 months to custom design a home from scratch.  Provided that you request no further customizations, the stock plan you purchase is ready for the builder the day you buy it.  Not only does a stock home plan save you time, but it is also sure to prove reliable.  It represents a home that has already been built somewhere at least once.  Any construction difficulties that may have arose in the past have been corrected, and the original plan revised accordingly prior to storage in our system.  

Because we have been in business for thirty years, there are thousands plans that you review.  Do not let your mind trick you into thinking that a stock home plan means limiting your options.  There are many categories of plans that represent all manner of architecture and personal lifestyle.  One is sure to be right for you. 

You can search through our stock plans on our website using an advanced search feature that lets you research by specific criteria.  You can also provide our team with a wish list and we will find a plan that matches your desires.  Be sure to be as thorough as possible in your wish list. 

It is also important when buying a stock plan that you first purchase a lot.  There are many people who call us that want to buy a plan before they buy a lot.  This does not work because there are many characteristics of a lot that affect the size and type of home can be built on that it. 

To find a stock home plan most suited to your future, you should first own property.  We will then need to compare home plans in our system to your property surveys, deed restrictions, and soil descriptions.  This enables us to determine that the house you build will fit the yard and work for you they way you want it to.

Winfield Gate Townhouse Project

When a large day spa moved locations, leaving almost 1.5 contiguous acres available, developers Rohe and Wright saw an opportunity to emulate one of their most successful projects.

The majority of units in their courtyard community of Cheyne Walk, inspired by the stately townhomes in London, had been sold before ground breaking. Rohe and Wright wanted to create another low maintenance housing option for residents who still desired high end spaces and finishes. The site, nestled in the historic neighborhood of River Oaks, called for dwellings with an opulent feel. Since we had previously enjoyed a successful collaboration on the Cheyne Walk project, Rohe and Wright approached our office for design services for the planned development. They knew that a courtyard setting to provide respite from the city was a priority. As we wanted to emulate, not imitate the previous project, a few of us accompanied the team at Rohe and Wright on a research trip to London to document architectural precedents. Preston Wood and the team at Rohe and Wright spent a week exploring London, taking photos and notes on the urban houses and their stately stone archways. Hundreds of photos and several servings of fish and chips later, Preston returned to Houston to begin the schematic design phase for a peaceful courtyard community.

After the initial design phase, Preston Wood had plans for 25 lots in a courtyard configuration. The land was surveyed and replatted, the permitting process had begun, and homes were marketed to potential buyers. After the sales office had been open a few weeks, Rohe and Wright had to make a difficult decision. Although potential buyers loved the design and location of the project, many of them desired more square footage. As is often the case with land planning, changing one unit meant that all of the units would have to be changed and the lots reconfigured. Rohe and Wright listened to the buyers and made the bold move of removing 5 units from the development to make a community total of twenty units. All of the platting and the extensive drawing had to be done over, but it proved to be a wise move. Pre-construction sales have moved 75% of the units to date.
Almost all of the townhouse developments our firm has designed for Rohe & Wright have had a unifying theme, and Winfield Gate is no different. Following the success of the London inspired Cheyne Walk, Winfield Gate’s townhouse plans adhere to a similar stately style. Each townhouse plan is named after a U.S. Ambassador to Britain.
The community centers around a fountain surrounded by a granite cobble drive. The units are luxurious and spacious ranging from 3,550 to 5,700 SF. The townhouse plans have 3-5 bedrooms and each plan has a full bathroom for each bedroom plus an additional powder room in the common spaces. Statement staircases make a dramatic impression upon entry. Two and three car garages provide ample parking space for larger households.
Construction is now underway and we are excited to follow the progress and share updates and images on our blog. This site will look very different within a few months!



Foundation to Build a Custom House Plan

With the original house cleared, the construction of the two story house plan in Timbergrove is now moving at a steady clip.  Two weeks ago the formwork for the foundation was erected and digging for the grade beams was completed.

Once the piers were drilled, the steel beams for the cantilever were erected. A residential designer loves a cantilever because they get to use them so rarely in their designs. This custom house plan definitely called for a cantilever to take advantage of the vista over the ravine. The next step will be to erect the framing for the first floor of the house!

Demolition and Re-use in Houston House

As mentioned in a previous post, our clients building in Timbergrove wanted to re-use everything they could from the original house on the lot they purchased to build their custom house plan. The house plan has been permitted and demolition has begun to clear way for our clients’ dream house.

There were many elements in good condition from the old home on the lot that have been salvaged to integrate into secondary structures on the property. Several windows were saved and will be used in a garden shed, and the solid wood kitchen cabinets will be placed in the garage. An existing garden border made of tubular concrete units will be repurposed for the sidewalk. Demolition began June 2, 2012. Note the windows and cabinets have been removed for future use.

We are excited to see our two story house plan being built and look forward to sharing more photos with you as it progresses!


Construction document phase- Two story house plan in Timbergrove

Our clients building in Timbergrove have decided on their elevation and general house plan layout. Now Preston and his team are switching gears and concentrating on the construction documents phase. The clients are pleased and that makes us happy!

Design Solutions

As one of the clients expressed the wish to spend his time inside the home exclusively on the first floor, a downstairs master was required.  Preston has designed the first floor as a series of rooms that flow into one another. The kitchen is open to the tv room, which opens to the rear deck. During gatherings guests can access the open dining/living room through the entry with cathedral ceiling or via a buffet/bar area through the kitchen. The spacious kitchen is also ideal for informal gatherings, as the large central island seats 6 people.

Preston connected the first and second floors spatially by including several double height rooms. He designed the upstairs to consist solely of guest bedrooms and an office. After a few iterations, the clients decided on a somewhat eclectic home plan, as shown on the front elevation. The outdoor spaces of this home were as carefully designed as the interior.  In order to enjoy the verdant surroundings and a view of the ravine, the attached covered veranda and open lanai will be cantilevered over the little valley, with a drop of 18’ from the deck to the bottom. The fact that the house will be built 3’ above grade for extra flood protection contributes to this height, which will add dramatic effect. The lot is located in a flood plain, so requirements beyond typical residential permitting needed to be met. An elevation certificate had to be provided and a stormwater mitigation plan had to be obtained by an engineer. The ravine is protected, so no soil can be added or taken away, and it must be protected during construction.

Once the plan is permitted, construction will begin quickly. We will be sure to post on the progress!

New Two Story House Plan In Timbergrove

When a Houston couple recently approached us to request residential design services for a two story house plan on a  10,000 S.F. lot, we knew immediately that it would be an exciting project. The couple had tangible ideas on what design features would fit with their lifestyle and we were ready to listen. They had chosen the lot for its size and for the deep ravine that covered over half of the square footage. The clients hoped to incorporate their new home into the ravine as much as possible. One of the clients was legally blind, so he also needed Preston to make special considerations for the space planning of the home.

In addition, the clients love to entertain, so the downstairs needed ample facilities and space for large gatherings. One of the clients is an avid gardener and has expressed a need for a space to garden and possibly a rainwater collection system for irrigation. Although the home that existed on the lot when they purchased it was in disrepair, the couple wanted to repurpose as many materials from the structure as was feasible.

Preston has been working on some concepts for the clients and we will be sure to post when they decide on their favorite!