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The Bungalow style is often associated with these features:

· One and a half stories & two stories

· Most of the living spaces on the ground floor

· Low-pitched roof and horizontal shape

· Living room at the center

· Connecting rooms without hallways

· Efficient floor plan

· Built-in cabinets, shelves, and seats

Coastal style is associated with Lake, Cabin & Stilt homes.

· Open floorplans

· Most of the living spaces are elevated

· Living room at the center

· Indeginous materials

· Storage areas/Guest rooms

· Large outdoor living areas

Colonial houses have many of these features:

· Low-pitched roof, or flat roof with a ·balustrade

· Windows symetrically around a central doorway

· Semicircular fanlight over the front door

· Narrow side windows flanking the front door

· Decorative crown or roof over front door

· Tooth-like ·dentil moldings in the ·cornice

· Palladian window

· Circular or elliptical windows

· Shutters

· Decorative swags and garlands

· Oval rooms and arches

TheFrench Colonial period had many of these features:

· Timber frame with brick

· Thin wooden columns

· Wide porches, called “galleries” or “lanai”

· Living quarters raised above ground level

· Wide hipped roof that extends over the porches

· Porches used as passageway between rooms

· No interior hallways

· French doors

 (doors with many small panes of glass)

Classical Architecture describes buildings that are inspired

by the classical architecture of ancient Greece and Rome. A

classical building is likely to have some (but not necessarily

all) of these features:

· Symmetrical shape

· Tall columns that rise the full height of the building

· Triangular pediment

· Domed roof

The Eclectic style may have many of these features:

· Massive and grandiose

· Constructed with stone

· Oversized balustrades, columns & pilasters

· Balconies

· Detailed Cornices

· Lavish decorations: medallions, flowers and shields

· Grand stairway

· Large arches

· Symmetrical facade

Country style houses have many of these features:

· Sloping, uneven roof with exagerrated eaves

· Brick, stone, or stucco siding

· Very steep cross gables

· A massive brick or stone chimney

· Casement windows with small panes

· Small dormer windows

· Asymmetrical design

· Low doors and arched doors

· Sloping walls in upper rooms with dormers

· Sloping slate or cedar roof

Modern houses have many of these features:

· Asymmetrical

· Horizontal orientation

· Flat roof or low roof slope

· No cornices or eaves

· Cube-like shape

· Sleek, streamlined appearance

· Rounded corners highlighted by wraparound


· Aluminum and stainless steel window and door trim

· Steel balustrades & cable railings

· Suggestion of speed and movement: Horizontal

rows of windows or stripes

· Little or no ornamentation

· Green design

· Open floor plans

· Use of natural materials: Exposed wood, stone

and steel

· Large glass areas for indoor-outdoor effect

Mediterranean is a Neoeclectic house style that incoporates

a fanciful mix of details suggested by the architecture of

Spain, Italy, and Greece, Morocco, and the Spanish Colonies.

Realtors often call Mediterrean houses Tuscan or Spanish.

Mediterranean houses have many of these features:

· Low-pitched roof

· Red roof tiles

· Stucco siding

· Arches above doors, windows, or porches

· Heavy carved wooden doors

Ranch Style houses have many of these features:

· Single story, Split-Level & Low 2 Story

· Low pitched ·gable or hip roof

· Horizontal, rambling layout: Long, narrow, and

low to the ground

· Rectangular, L-shaped, or U-shaped design

· Large windows: double-hung, sliding, and picture

· Sliding glass doors leading out to patio

· Emphasis on openness and efficient use of space

· Built from natural materials: Oak floors, wood or

brick exterior

A Traditional home can be difficult to describe because it

combines many styles. The shape of the roof, the design

of the windows, and decorative details may be inspired by

several different periods and cultures.

· Historic styles imitated using modern materials

like vinyl or imitation stone

· Details from several historic styles combined

· Details from several cultures combined

· Brick, stone, vinyl, and composite materials


Victorian houses usually have these features:

· Square, symmetrical shape

· Brackets under the ·eaves

· Porches with spindlework or flat, jigsaw cut trim

Romanesque houses have many of these features:

· Constructed of rough-faced, square stones

· Round towers with cone-shaped roofs

· Columns and pilasters with spirals and leaf designs

· Low, broad “Roman” arches over arcades and


· Patterned masonry arches over windows

Queen Anne houses have many of these features:

· Steep roof

· Complicated, asymmetrical shape

· Front-facing gable

· One-story porch that extends across one or

two sides of the house

· Round or square towers

· Wall surfaces textured with decorative shingles,

patterned masonry, or half-timbering

· Ornamental spindles and brackets

· Bay windows

Preston Wood and Associates is a member "The American Institute of Building Design". The "AIBD" is a national organization with chapters in every major city including Denver CO., El Paso, Texas, Dallas TX, San Antonio, TX, Austin, TX, Boise ID.

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