Thursday, February 11, 2010

Stock Home Plans

Stock home plans are pre-drawn plans that are available to build from. If you want to build your own home, but aren't very particular about some of the smaller details, you might choose to look through stock home plans. You can search through them depending on the priorities that are highest on your list. You can search for them by bedroom number, or special feature. You can choose a home based on the architectural style, and focus only on the cottage style, or ranch style homes you want. You can choose your home based on the size of home you're looking for.

Stock plans may offer you the option of making some changes to them, so you might want to keep that possibility in mind. Remember to keep in mind that if changes to the stock plans are possible, most likely there are additional charges included in making the changes. If you know the kinds of things you want in your house, and would like it to be built specifically for you, stock home plans may be for you. If you want a more personalized home, but aren't particular about every detail, this might be the choice for you. Talk with your builder to see if stock home plans or a custom house plan are the best fit for you. Read more about custom home plans


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