Monday, February 1, 2010

One Story Home Plans

One story home plans are designed for people who, for whatever reason, prefer a single story to a two story home. This may be because there is someone in the family who has some difficulties with stairs. It may be because you prefer the layout of your home to be more spread out than it would be with a two story home.

Just as with any style of home, there are pluses and minuses to one story home plans. You need to determine which pluses and minuses apply to your lifestyle, and what your priorities are, in order to choose the best style home for you.

You need to decide if you'd prefer to have more of your yard available to you to use outdoors, or if you want or need the layout to be a single story. You need to balance what you're looking for outside your home with what you're looking for inside your home, and decide on your home's features and details based on those factors.

Once you've decided on which things are important to you regarding your house, choosing your house design should become an easier decision to make. Once you make these decisions, you can look forward to enjoying your home at the end of the process. Read more on one story home plans


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