Wednesday, March 25, 2009

building on inner city lots

While many people prefer to live in the suburbs, Preston Wood & Associates recognize that some want to build their home in the heart of the city. Building your urban home plan on an inner city lot can be drastically different than building a house plan in the suburbs. For one the lots size tends to be smaller forcing you to build your inner city home plan up instead of out. It is not uncommon to see three and four story home plans being built in the inner city. Stricture building codes and different setback requirements are also things that one has to consider when building urban house plans. These are only some of the reasons for finding a residential design firm that has experience working on inner city houses. When developing TND projects, short for traditional neighborhood development, There may be guide lines that can influence both remodels and new home plans. So whether you have are remodeling an existing urban house or looking for a new urban home plan design it is your best interests to consult an experienced residential design firm


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