Monday, March 9, 2009

Mediterranean Home Plans

There are few house plan styles that are as distinctive as a Mediterranean home.
With their unique look Mediterranean Homes Elicit images from countries like Italy, Morocco and Spain. Built primarily in warmer climates, Mediterranean house plans are seen frequently in states such as Californian, Florida, Texas, and Arizona. Whether it is a one or multiple story plans a Mediterranean house has many unique characteristics.
Mediterranean Home Plans Offers a Distinct Look
The exterior of a Mediterranean home plan can normally be identified by the stucco or brick walls that are usually a cream color that sets off the home’s roof. A Mediterranean home’s roof will generally have a tiled roof made out red clay or synthetic tiles. Roof tiles are used because they tend not to absorb heat and help reflect sunlight helping to keep the home cool. Arched doorways and windows opening into courtyards are also commonly found in Mediterranean style home. You will usually find balconies on the second floor overlooking courtyards Mediterranean floor plans are usually designed to make the house into an L or U-shape. This initially allows for a centrally located courtyard that can be easily accessed from multiple rooms. You can usually find an open floor plan on the inside of Mediterranean designed house. So if you are looking for a home with a very distinct look of Mediterranean home plans may be the way to go


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