Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Two story home plans

A Preston Wood Designed Two Story Home Provides Plenty of Options

Preston wood and associates have designed all types of two story home plans that can be enjoyed by families of every size. Whether you are building a mansion home plan in the suburbs or a small home plan in the inner city we have the experience it takes to design your ideal home. We also have a large selection of stock two story home plans to choose from ranging from luxury home plans to narrow three story houses. Our designers can also take your ideas and customize one our stock home plans to meet your needs

You can always build up instead of out on smaller plots of land

Building a two story house is a more efficient use of space so why let a small plot of land deter you from building your dream home. Preston Wood & Associates can work with you to find the perfect plan for a narrow or small lot.

Adding a second floor can save you money
If you want to increase the square footage of your home plan adding a second floor is less expensive alternative than expanding the first floor. Two story homes create smaller footprints therefore requiring less site prep. The big savings though come from having smaller foundations and roof plans this really helps cut back on building materials


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