Friday, November 7, 2008

Garden Home Plans

Jack Preston Wood Garden Home Plans are designed to make you feel warm and insulated from the stress and clutter of the outside world. Simplicity is a virtue when it comes planning your life. Garden Homes are planned as symmetrically proportional dwellings that minimize excess on the material level and maximize experience on the emotional level. Moving into a Jack Preston Wood garden home is like moving into your own private Eden where human living space resides right in the heart of Nature’s beauty.

The charm and ambience of our garden home plans is a result of the less-is-more approach we take to square footage.
English author Edmund Burke once wrote that our concepts of beauty are rooted in our appreciation of the diminutive. We appear to find comfort in things that do not overwhelm our senses, and simple designs that bring to us sense of balance and proportion. Jack Preston Wood garden home plans have a bit of Burke’s idealism sketched into their blue prints. None of them are so grand as to overwhelm you with the feeling of too much space, and none of them provide excessive open space where guests may invite themselves unannounced.

Our garden home plans feature designs ranging from 898 sq. feet to 1500 sq. feet.
Young couples like these smaller homes because they are ideal for entertaining best friends, next door neighbors, and occasionally visiting parents. They find that the smaller “cottage effect” politely discourages well-intentioned—but less settled friends—from planning parties in their garden home. Senior couples love quiet aloofness such a home creates for them, and the innate sense of retirement such a setting brings.

Our larger garden homes feature floor plans of 1500 sq. feet to 2,079 sq. feet.
Couples who have two or three children will easily find enough room to live and to grow in these larger garden homes. Designed with small families in mind, these homes often feature a downstairs master suite for the parents and multiple upstairs bedrooms for children or relatives. Our largest garden home plan even features an upstairs loft, where you can plant a roof garden, grow herbs, or gaze down on the flowers and foliage growing just below around the Porte Cochere entrance to your garage.

Garden Home Plans divide public living space from private living space so every member of the family has their own special place to retreat and relax.
Our garden home plans place the kitchen and dining areas near to the ground-floor garage, so quiet dining is never more than a few steps away from the car after a long day’s work. The living room is right next to the kitchen, so that after dinner you can set the dishwasher and relax for the evening with a book or your favorite movie.


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