Friday, November 7, 2008

Beach House Plans

We offer several beach house plans that offer residents a unique combination of amenable full-time living space and the unique enjoyments of life on the beach.

You can expect a fantastic view of the water and the full comforts of home when you invest in one of our beach house plans. Our homes are designed with full accommodation, amenity, and functionality in mind, and they offer the best in location and entertainment for children and guests.

Each beach house plan features a three story design.

The garage is on the first floor of every home. Drive through a stately Porte Cochere into a spacious two car space just right for the modern family. Enjoy the additional benefit of an adjacent room that can be used as a downstairs apartment, bedroom, or personal office. Many homeowners also use this room as a hobby room where they work with power tools on special projects, woodworking, or personal artwork.

The first story of every beach house is planned around lifestyle, activity, and entertainment.

The kitchen, breakfast, and dining room provide the central hub for dining and entertainment. Food preparation areas are close by where the family gathers to eat or hosts special guests. Because our beach house plans are intended designed to accommodate entertainment and enjoyment on all levels, we design a family room on one side of the kitchen and dining areas and a living room on the other. Both rooms have balconies that offer views of the sea. This allows you to entertain family members in one space and neighbors and friends in another.

As public and family space defines the second story of the beach house, time alone for couples and children define the second story.

Master suites and guest bedrooms are located on the second story, and utility rooms and bathrooms are also located conveniently here so no one has to go downstairs to get ready in the morning, or take care of laundry on the weekends. Every beach house plan also includes at the very least an upstairs balcony for a view of the ocean, and one plan even offers a roof top deck for panoramic, 360-view of the surroundings.

Get the best of both worlds with our beach house plans.

It is no longer necessary to choose between a nice home and a nice location. Gone are the days when a beach house was just a getaway haunt for weekend trips. Today’s beach home is a permanent living space in the best of locales, meant to be a true home in every since of the term. Call us today, and find a combination of style, harmony, and personal accommodation when you look at a beach house plan designed by our team.


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